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Friday, 29 November 2013

3 crucial points to consider when you design your own engagement ring

Are you looking forward to designing your engagement ring entirely of your own accord? Well then let me tell you that it is no easy task as you have to take into consideration a lot of things for the same. Today, we will take a look at some crucial points, using which you can easily design your own engagement ring.
  • Research, research and research: By research, I mean to say that you must find out which are the best online stores, which can help you out in getting a custom ring made as per your requirements. Also, you must research about various types of rings that are available on the market and definitely about some interesting and unique ring designs.
  • Choose the stone: The next important step is to choose the stone for your engagement ring. Diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, topaz and many other precious and semi-precious stones can be used in the ring. However, diamonds are never out of fashion and you will find that there are endless diamond engagement ring designs to choose from such as cushion cut diamond rings among others. You can also go for a combination of diamond with other stones for the ring.
  • Choose the metal and setting: Once you are done with choosing a particular type of ring like cushion cut diamond ring and have a design in mind, then proceed to choose the metal and the setting. For instance, you can opt for the very classic Tiffany setting in white gold or platinum, which are two very popular metals these days.
To Conclude
These are some points to consider, which are a given when you opt for designing your own engagement ring. So, follow these and do share your experience about the same with us. Good luck!

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Buy unique, exclusive platinum diamond rings for your engagement

When you get engaged, it calls for a celebration. There are several different styles of engagement rings Melbourne online as well as offline these days. If your pocket allows, you can opt for platinum diamond rings which not only look classy, but would last for a lifetime.
Gone are the days when diamond studded gold rings were preferred by people who get engaged. In today’s modern world, there are so many options available in the market.
Wedding ring bands also look elegant and classy. You can opt for matching wedding bands which would make your bond of love stronger. Couple wedding bands are loved by the people who get engaged. They are a sign of togetherness.
While buying diamond engagement rings, you should decide your budget and look at the design and style options available. As wedding rings are to be work daily, you should make sure that the ring you buy is durable enough.

Monday, 28 October 2013

3 pointers to keep a track of while shopping for engagement rings in Melbourne online

Are you going to pop up the question to your lady love sometime in the near future? Then here are some pointers, which you must keep a track of, while shopping for engagement rings in Melbourne online. Take a look at them to get a better idea:

Go online! First things first, go online and search for various options in terms of engagement rings in Melbourne. You will be astonished to find the huge number of engagement ring designs for women as well as engagement ring designs for men as a result!

Compare the prices. The main advantage of shopping online is that you can compare prices of similar products without budging an inch from your seat. For instance, if you have come across some of the best vintage diamond rings on two sites, you can compare their prices and take the decision.

Proceed to pay. Once you have zeroed-in from the collection of engagement rings in Melbourne from your preferred online store, go ahead and make the payment. 

To Conclude
These are some pointers, which you must put to practice while you are buying engagement rings such as diamond rings in Australia. Happy shopping!

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Designer Engagement Rings – Lot Goes Into Their Making

Diamond Bands:

Diamond bands are a big investment and hence ask for basic and comprehensive understanding before jumping into a purchase. To help customers with their choice many retailers have come up with diamond guides containing details on the 4 C’s of the stone and various other related things. Amongst all these attributes of diamond used in making designer engagement rings, the cut of a diamond indicates its sparkle or brilliance. A well cut cushion cut diamond reflects light and also determines its value.

Marquise Diamond Rings

ringsMostly brides prefer marquise diamond rings for their wedding because it gives an illusion of longer and slender fingers. Also marquise diamond rings enhance maximized carat weight and give impression of a much larger diamond. The trend today is most of the couples indulge in having custom made engagement ring made in white gold and have the wedding bands made either in solitaire, marquise, cushion cut diamond. They believe this combo make a perfect set of expensive stone collection and have more aesthetic ring collection not only as an investment but also as a status quo.


Art Deco Engagement Rings

Designer engagement rings like the art deco engagement rings are either self designed or selected from the brochures or readymade rings at display at the diamond jeweler’s boutique or designs sometimes picked from online stores and given to the jeweler to make the rings. Whatever the make, whatever the style, whatever the shape, whatever the size; diamond rings for those special moments in human existence hold always a very special place of emotional bonding.

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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

3 tips to buy the perfect engagement ring and pleasantly surprise your fiancée

Cushion Cut Diamonds or Radiant Cut Diamonds

engagement ring styles So, you are getting engaged soon and want to propose the woman you love with a pretty little ring? Well, thank your stars for there are plethora of options in terms of engagements rings in Melbourne, which are made from the best cushion cut diamonds or radiant cut diamonds and various other varieties of diamonds, which make a pretty choice. However, too much of choice will make you confused. This is why I have compiled a short and straightforward list of important things to consider while buying the engagement ring[http://www.ellissi.com/engagement-rings/]. Take a look:
  • Select the right diamond for your Ring:

    Diamond rings like diamond pendants, are an ageless and timeless choice. This is what prompts most couples to search for diamond guides and buy a perfect diamond for the engagement ring. Hence, the first step is to find a reliable website that provides you proper guidance and helps you select the right diamond.
  • Choose the apt metal: This is the tricky part because different women prefer different metals for their rings. Currently, there is a trend of buying rings set in Platinum. It is a sturdy metal, which requires very little maintenance and looks beautiful on any hand. Moreover, Platinum is a wise choice as it is apt for those with allergies to metals.
  • Opt for best setting: Now that you have chosen diamond and the metal, the next step is to choose the way to set the diamond in the metal ring. For instance, you can go for solitaire featuring one diamond set in a plain band or add some side stones. Alternatively, you can choose a cluster diamond setting as well. The choice is entirely yours!
To Conclude
These are some of the things to consider while buying an engagement ring. You can also use these while getting custom wedding ring made. Use them and do share your experience with us!

Monday, 22 July 2013

A quick take on choosing the perfect diamond shape

If you are reading this article, you probably are looking for gifting your partner a unique present such as diamond pendants or you may be looking for a diamond ring to propose her. Whatever be the reason, you have come to the right place. Here, we will discuss diamond shapes.

A diamond’s shape is often something that is overlooked by most diamond guides @ http://www.ellissi.com/diamond-buying-guide/. However, it is an essential factor while choosing a present for your loved one. The shapes may be –Cushion, Marquise, princess, Asscher, emerald, radiant, heart shaped, oval among others.

Let us take a look at two trendy diamond shapes, which will make your gift or proposal even more special.
  1. Cushion cut diamonds:

    A cushion shape diamond is square or rectangular with varying size and depth measures. Such diamonds have large open facets. This means that if you opt for jewellery with high clarity cushion shaped diamonds, it will reflect more light. These sorts of diamonds set in beautiful metal (gold or platinum bands) are best worn by women with long fingers.
  2. Marquise Cut Diamond:

    Also known as “Navette cut”, this is one of the most ancient type of diamond cut available. This is why a Marquise diamond ring is often preferred when it comes to choosing antique engagement rings. The shape is long oval with pointed ends on two sides. These are best used in custom wedding rings, set as per customers’ requirements.

To Conclude
These are two diamond shapes, which are forever in trend. So, if you are looking for buying diamond jewelry as a gift or a diamond engagement ring, consider these shapes. Good luck!

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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

3 types of diamond rings in Melbourne most preferred by the wedding couples

Eternity Rings
Each wedding is a once in a lifetime affair. Everyone one wants their wedding to be perfect. This is why, they stress on each and every single detail of their wedding like the venue, catering, photographers, decorations, dresses etc. One such important aspect is the wedding ring. Although there are numerous options available, nowadays couples prefer to buy engagement diamond rings and wedding diamond rings in Melbourne or anywhere else in the country. Here are three of the most preferred types of wedding rings that are in vogue. Let’s take a look at them:

Custom wedding ring:

A wedding ring is a symbol of commitment for life. This is why it holds a special place in every couple’s lives. This is why, they want their wedding ring to be customized, so that they can own unique rings for a lifetime. However, to get the best custom wedding ring, they must approach the best jewelry design studio and work with the best artists and pick the best diamonds for the same. It can be a tad bit expensive, but at the end of the day, they get what they desire.   

Antique wedding rings:

A wedding couple prefers antique wedding rings mainly because of their eternal appeal, durability, comfort and style. Each of such rings is unique in its own way and sometimes they are precious family heirlooms, passed on to the wedding couple. It is the “vintage” look of these diamond rings, which makes them all time favorites with wedding couples even in this digital age!   

Wedding rings with asscher cut diamonds:

This is yet another type of wedding ring, which never goes out of style. Basically, Asscher cut diamond is a stepped square cut or square emerald cut, developed by Asscher Brothers in Holland in the early 20th century. Asscher cut diamonds constitute the best engagement and wedding rings owing to the popularity it has garnered over the years.

To Conclude 
These are three of the most preferred wedding rings, which most couples go for nowadays. Also, instead of going to their nearest jewelry store, they choose to buy a engagement rings in melbourne for sale on various eCommerce sites. So, if your wedding is round the corner, you know what kind of rings to search for. Good luck!

Monday, 13 May 2013

Buying Wedding and Engagement Rings Online a Good Choice

Do you plan to buy wedding ring set? Both are concerned whether you should buy wedding and engagement rings online or go to the local shops for your purchase? When you think of buying online jewelry you are mostly concerned about the quality of the product, whether it will fit you perfectly or not, if not then will the company take it back.

Engagement Rings

Today’s blog post will help clear all your concerns. Online retailers who sell gold wedding rings in diamond or plain gold are registered online vendors. If anything goes wrong with their product they are responsible to help you out. When you are looking at solitaire diamond rings, you will notice that these vendors upload various detailed images of all their rings.

These images should give you a good idea about the diamond wedding and engagement rings and help you make the choice. Besides images, wedding ring sets carry detailed product information, including details on diamond certification, diamond clarity, diamond cut, weight and its price. They also have online guides to help you know what those terms used in the product description should mean to you.

Coming to the next point, what happens if the wedding ring set is not as you wanted it to be, often it happens that people are not able to judge the set from the images, and so end up with a wrong purchase. There is a way out in such situations also you can always contact the vendor with your concerns, most of them will be happy to take the ring back under their return policy.

With both these concerns answered there should now be no reason why you should not buy wedding and engagement ring sets online.

Friday, 29 March 2013

How to Buy Custom Wedding Rings or Diamond Bands?

The engagement ring of today also has its own various and interesting history, some of which is explore next. Engagement rings have been known by many unusual names, have symbolized a variety of different things and have not always been made of precious metals and dramatic jewelry!

engagement ring australia

Monday, 18 March 2013

How to Choose Art Deco Engagement Rings?

engagement ring setting

The engagement ring that a woman wears reflects the personality and style of the woman. So, while going to buy an engagement ring, it becomes essential to find the perfect piece that match her style. Diamond ring in Australia is very popular for an engagement occasion. However, these days, many couples are turning to art deco engagement rings due to its contrasting colours, sharp angles and elaborate designs. In recent time, these have become the obvious choice for couples who are looking for something unique. These are miniature works of art which exemplifies the uniqueness of the couples at the same time, these symbolise their commitment for living a life together.

One can identify art deco engagement rings through two characteristics; first, through bold colours with striking contrasts and second through strong geometric designs having the stones cut in rectangles, squares, triangles, and other similar shapes. You may also able to find these characteristics in just one single piece of jewellery and separate elements of the genre. These days, many couples are going for choosing this kind of ring than diamond ring in Australia due to their sophisticated and elegant designs while still being eccentric.

If your bride-to-be is a fan of antiques, you can go for buying vintage pieces. You can generally find these at high-end vintage jewellery stores, online auctions and estate sales which offer solitaire diamond rings, engagement diamond rings and diamond rings for sale. You are also able t find them at modern jewellers. Many art deco engagement rings are manufactured in white gold and platinum bands. These will more traditional geometric cuts and modern diamond cuts. Due to the preference for bold colours, these often use gemstones other than diamonds, for example sapphires, rubies or emeralds.

Tips to Choose Art Deco Engagement Rings
You should always take into consideration some factors while going to buy engagement ring. These include:
Size of the Ring: Ensure that the ring size you have chosen will fit in your bride-to-be’s ring finger very well. Anyone who wants to keep proposal surprise can ask her family or her friends about what her ring size is.

Style: Always choose the ring as per her style preferences. Imagine her wearing that diamond ring. If your mental image doesn’t seem right, it’s always better to go for a ring having some different style like art deco engagement ring.

In the market, you will be able to find both genuine antique and replicas of them. You can either select a genuine art ring or opt for a modern one which has been designed in a same style. The later one is the best option for budget conscious people as it is comparatively come at reasonable price than real antique diamond ring in Australia. 

Just like diamond ring in Australia, art deco engagement rings are beautiful and bold, as well as perfect for bride to be with an authentic and sociable personality or style. These may not be the easy to find. However, you should try your best to find the one that matches her style.