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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

3 types of diamond rings in Melbourne most preferred by the wedding couples

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Each wedding is a once in a lifetime affair. Everyone one wants their wedding to be perfect. This is why, they stress on each and every single detail of their wedding like the venue, catering, photographers, decorations, dresses etc. One such important aspect is the wedding ring. Although there are numerous options available, nowadays couples prefer to buy engagement diamond rings and wedding diamond rings in Melbourne or anywhere else in the country. Here are three of the most preferred types of wedding rings that are in vogue. Let’s take a look at them:

Custom wedding ring:

A wedding ring is a symbol of commitment for life. This is why it holds a special place in every couple’s lives. This is why, they want their wedding ring to be customized, so that they can own unique rings for a lifetime. However, to get the best custom wedding ring, they must approach the best jewelry design studio and work with the best artists and pick the best diamonds for the same. It can be a tad bit expensive, but at the end of the day, they get what they desire.   

Antique wedding rings:

A wedding couple prefers antique wedding rings mainly because of their eternal appeal, durability, comfort and style. Each of such rings is unique in its own way and sometimes they are precious family heirlooms, passed on to the wedding couple. It is the “vintage” look of these diamond rings, which makes them all time favorites with wedding couples even in this digital age!   

Wedding rings with asscher cut diamonds:

This is yet another type of wedding ring, which never goes out of style. Basically, Asscher cut diamond is a stepped square cut or square emerald cut, developed by Asscher Brothers in Holland in the early 20th century. Asscher cut diamonds constitute the best engagement and wedding rings owing to the popularity it has garnered over the years.

To Conclude 
These are three of the most preferred wedding rings, which most couples go for nowadays. Also, instead of going to their nearest jewelry store, they choose to buy a engagement rings in melbourne for sale on various eCommerce sites. So, if your wedding is round the corner, you know what kind of rings to search for. Good luck!


Ronnie Clarks said...

if your looking rings for a womans than keep these things in your mind:

1. Marquise diamonds are especially flattering for women with slender fingers.

2. Heart-shaped diamonds are a truly romantic and unique choice.

emerald cut engagement ring

3. Emerald-cut diamonds are excellent for women whose tastes run more to the classic.

4. Pear-shaped cut (or teardrop) offers a unique way to express yourself.

Thomas Jackson said...

For centuries, people have been considering diamonds as the ultimate symbol of love. It’s because of their beauty, strength, and durability that many associate diamonds with a lasting marriage. People in ancient times also had a belief that a diamond’s “inner fire” reflected the burning flame of everlasting love.
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