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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

3 tips to buy the perfect engagement ring and pleasantly surprise your fiancée

Cushion Cut Diamonds or Radiant Cut Diamonds

engagement ring styles So, you are getting engaged soon and want to propose the woman you love with a pretty little ring? Well, thank your stars for there are plethora of options in terms of engagements rings in Melbourne, which are made from the best cushion cut diamonds or radiant cut diamonds and various other varieties of diamonds, which make a pretty choice. However, too much of choice will make you confused. This is why I have compiled a short and straightforward list of important things to consider while buying the engagement ring[http://www.ellissi.com/engagement-rings/]. Take a look:
  • Select the right diamond for your Ring:

    Diamond rings like diamond pendants, are an ageless and timeless choice. This is what prompts most couples to search for diamond guides and buy a perfect diamond for the engagement ring. Hence, the first step is to find a reliable website that provides you proper guidance and helps you select the right diamond.
  • Choose the apt metal: This is the tricky part because different women prefer different metals for their rings. Currently, there is a trend of buying rings set in Platinum. It is a sturdy metal, which requires very little maintenance and looks beautiful on any hand. Moreover, Platinum is a wise choice as it is apt for those with allergies to metals.
  • Opt for best setting: Now that you have chosen diamond and the metal, the next step is to choose the way to set the diamond in the metal ring. For instance, you can go for solitaire featuring one diamond set in a plain band or add some side stones. Alternatively, you can choose a cluster diamond setting as well. The choice is entirely yours!
To Conclude
These are some of the things to consider while buying an engagement ring. You can also use these while getting custom wedding ring made. Use them and do share your experience with us!


Avery Schlacter said...

Wow this is beautiful I've been looking for diamond rings in Waltham and haven't been able to find anything I love. Do you know where I can custom make one?

WeddingringsMelbourne said...

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