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Monday, 18 March 2013

How to Choose Art Deco Engagement Rings?

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The engagement ring that a woman wears reflects the personality and style of the woman. So, while going to buy an engagement ring, it becomes essential to find the perfect piece that match her style. Diamond ring in Australia is very popular for an engagement occasion. However, these days, many couples are turning to art deco engagement rings due to its contrasting colours, sharp angles and elaborate designs. In recent time, these have become the obvious choice for couples who are looking for something unique. These are miniature works of art which exemplifies the uniqueness of the couples at the same time, these symbolise their commitment for living a life together.

One can identify art deco engagement rings through two characteristics; first, through bold colours with striking contrasts and second through strong geometric designs having the stones cut in rectangles, squares, triangles, and other similar shapes. You may also able to find these characteristics in just one single piece of jewellery and separate elements of the genre. These days, many couples are going for choosing this kind of ring than diamond ring in Australia due to their sophisticated and elegant designs while still being eccentric.

If your bride-to-be is a fan of antiques, you can go for buying vintage pieces. You can generally find these at high-end vintage jewellery stores, online auctions and estate sales which offer solitaire diamond rings, engagement diamond rings and diamond rings for sale. You are also able t find them at modern jewellers. Many art deco engagement rings are manufactured in white gold and platinum bands. These will more traditional geometric cuts and modern diamond cuts. Due to the preference for bold colours, these often use gemstones other than diamonds, for example sapphires, rubies or emeralds.

Tips to Choose Art Deco Engagement Rings
You should always take into consideration some factors while going to buy engagement ring. These include:
Size of the Ring: Ensure that the ring size you have chosen will fit in your bride-to-be’s ring finger very well. Anyone who wants to keep proposal surprise can ask her family or her friends about what her ring size is.

Style: Always choose the ring as per her style preferences. Imagine her wearing that diamond ring. If your mental image doesn’t seem right, it’s always better to go for a ring having some different style like art deco engagement ring.

In the market, you will be able to find both genuine antique and replicas of them. You can either select a genuine art ring or opt for a modern one which has been designed in a same style. The later one is the best option for budget conscious people as it is comparatively come at reasonable price than real antique diamond ring in Australia. 

Just like diamond ring in Australia, art deco engagement rings are beautiful and bold, as well as perfect for bride to be with an authentic and sociable personality or style. These may not be the easy to find. However, you should try your best to find the one that matches her style.

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